Does this sound familiar?


You just graduated from your engineering program, passed your FE, and now you want to get the PE out of the way but it just feels overwhelming.


  • You want to start studying but you don’t know where to start.
  • You have a stack of exam books and references staring at you but you’d rather binge-watch Ozark.
  • Maybe you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth the investment in time and money to even take the exam.


Well…I get it because I’ve been there.


I studied for the exam the first time and failed with a score of 70% (what the heck…right??); then, I studied for the exam and failed again.


I was frustrated and annoyed — but I didn’t give up.


I took the exam one more time and passed.


The feeling of seeing that “Pass” score was like the feeling that athletes must have after scoring the gaming winning basket, serve, or touchdown –after seasons of hard work.


I want to help you get that feeling. I want this to be your winning season!


I’m Justin!


(Beach Casual)


{Big City Cool}



I share my best testing taking tips and strategies so that you can pass the PE exam and move on to the things that truly matter (career growth and Netflix binge-watching sessions)!


Get started right now by downloading the FREE overview of books and references you’ll need to pass the pe exam.



5 Things About Me You Didn’t Know

1. I got married on an island in flip-flops.

2. I have a daughter who is my twin.

3. I volunteered with Americorps and taught English for one year.

4. I’ve been to 16 countries and my favorite places are Sydney, Australia, Paris, France, and New York City.

5. I’m an NC A&T graduate. Aggie Pride!!!